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Video campaign


» Objective: Video campaign

» Client: UMS

» Duration: 3 mins

» Outcome: Increased brand awareness with more than 8000 views across social media channels. The video will also be used at trade shows and by the sales team when visiting existing and prospective clients.


About UMS


Based in Melbourne, UMS is currently under contract with the Australian Army to deliver the motion-based Driver Training system for Land400 Ph2 (Rheinmetall Boxer vehicle). Derived from a customised industrial robot, the simulator is a highly dynamic motion platform for immersive training. It provides high-fidelity simulation and overcomes the limitations of current motion platform technology.


Our Involvement


UMS approached Adelaide Film Works on the back of a recommendation by an existing local client, APC technology, for our specialisation in video creation for the defence sector. Despite UMS being based in Sydney and operating out of Melbourne.


The video’s strategy was to highlight the interchangeable cabins of the Land400 Ph2 and the ability to teach drivers how to recover a vehicle when it rolls, something other simulators do not do.


Filming took place in 2020 when COVID had already well and truly made its mark. Through extensive direction in pre-production, including thorough shot lists, reference shots and pre-created graphics. While unable to travel to Victoria due to restrictions, our team completed the task.


One of our suppliers filmed the video on the ground in Victoria, using the RED Gemini camera and a hazer to create an atmosphere. Adelaide Film Works also used existing footage from our extensive defence library.


The Final Product