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Meet Our Team

Managing Director

Justin O’Brien

Justin has worked around the world in film, tv and commercial film production. He has extensive experience in brand, defence and government. He favours strategic thinking above all else.

General Manager/Producer

Danielle Tinker

Danielle is an award-winning filmmaker and video content creator. As General Manager of Adelaide Film Works, her understanding of all departments means she is across the various workflows and is the go-to person for staff and crew.


Mark Cowley

Mark sees the world through the lens of his camera. He’s been a Cinematographer with Adelaide Film Works for over 10 years. You won’t find a more committed individual who really cares about what he does and works tirelessly to achieve the best result.

Director / Editor

Anthony Frith

A talented filmmaker, Anthony succeeds by being approachable and conscientious. He cares about the end result and uses his not inconsiderable talents to make your high expectations a reality.

Production Coordinator

Maddie Ramsey

Maddie is the Swiss-Army knife of content creation. Having studied film, writing and journalism, and having worked as a continuity editor and assistant director, she’s got plenty of experience both on set and at the desk. She basically keeps everything moving.


Ella Germein

Ella is a highly talented producer with film, corporate video and extensive broadcast TV experience. An expert communicator, we can rely on Ella to get things done knowing she won’t stop until she has achieved her goal.

Senior Editor

Damian Smerdon

With many years’ experience in the edit suite Damian has mastered the art of telling stories in a powerful and emotive way. He is fast because he is intuitive and knows how to lift a story up to another level.


Aaron White

Originally from Adelaide, Aaron has lived and worked all over the world. As Lead Animator, he oversees all 2D, 3D and visual effects work. His career began in graphic design and it shows in all he does.

Junior Camera / Editor

Jacob Anderson

Jacob is an up-and-coming cinematographer. He mainly works with us as a camera assistant, equipment supervisor and junior editor. He cares about what he does, is a strong team player and works hard for our clients.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sujan Bhusal

Sujan builds cross platform digital marketing strategies like a spider does a web: trapping his prey with the greatest of skill. Armed with a double Bachelor’s degree and strong analytical skills, Sujan’s greatest passion is to watch the growth of engagement stats.