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haigh's chocolates

Long regarded as one of South Australia’s most treasured and successful brands, Haigh’s Chocolates engaged the services of video production company Adelaide Film Works to give audiences a behind-the-scenes look at its processes.


Bean to Bar is a video collaboration between Adelaide Film Works and Haigh’s, capturing what makes Haigh’s chocolates so special. The video showcases the steps involved in the art of chocolate-making. Including the revered Adelaide brand sourcing its cocoa beans from around the world.


Adelaide Film Works found creative ways to raise the (chocolate) bar when presenting the crafting processes—demonstrating how involved the chocolatiers are from start to finish. Haigh’s prides itself on making its chocolate from scratch to achieve its unique flavour.


The onus was on making the footage dramatic, cinematic and mouth-watering. Adelaide Film Works analysed every step of the process and developed creative ways to illustrate the delicious craft best. From filming in their pristine factory at Mile End to recreating the bean roasting process in the studio – complete with flame – and working with food stylists. Adelaide Film Works made sure every shot looked the best it could.


Pushing the boundaries of filming, the team behind Adelaide Film Works researched the best types of cameras and lenses to make the end result as cinematic as possible.


During the post-production phase, AFW spent time ensuring every aspect of the video was complimentary. Including the music that went with the vision and graphics. The end result, which will be distributed to Haigh’s database and played in stores and online, speaks for itself.

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