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» Client: Nova Systems

» Objective: Video campaign

» Duration: 1min 30

» Outcome: Increased brand awareness and recruitment effectiveness, following more than 2000 views on YouTube and LinkedIn.


About Nova Systems


Nova Systems is a Professional Service Provider specialising in engineering and management services. Australian-owned and operated, it provides independent expertise in delivering complex projects to government and industry, including the Defence Sector.


Our Involvement


Nova Systems came to Adelaide Film Works seeking a high-end corporate video. Nova Systems wanted to showcase the company’s achievements and the unique and fun culture behind the brand to appeal to potential employees. Adelaide Film Works filmed Nova Systems almost yearly for their Defence Teaming Centre awards nominations. With an already-established working relationship, our creative director Justin devised a clever concept with a fun and cheeky approach to fit the brief. A David Attenborough-styled documentary, the video showcased ‘Novans’ in their natural habitat.


Filming took place around the nation and overseas, from the ASC shipyard and the Edinburgh RAAF base in South Australia, Williamstown RAAF base in NSW to Townsville, and QLD to Kemble in the UK. It featured stylised portrait videos of staff members and cinematic shots of each of them working on exciting defence projects. Augmenting the piece was footage of defence hardware that Adelaide Film Works licenced from the Australian Defence Force media team.


The Final Product

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