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Video Production Case Study 


» Client: Murray Bridge

» Project: Video Campaign

» Campaign Tagline: “Murray Bridge- Make It Yours”

» ROI Generated: One Billion Plus in Investment Attraction

» Campaign Features: Hyper-realistic 3D Animations, Sweeping Aerials, Time-lapse, Lifestyle shots, Portrait shots of local residents.


About Murray Bridge


With a clear vision for the revitalisation of their riverfront precinct, the Rural City of Murray Bridge needed a campaign that got everyone excited about the future of the regional town. 


In stepped our award-winning video production team at Adelaide Film Works. We created the campaign strategy, content and showcase the vast investment opportunities Murray Bridge has to offer.


Our Involvement


When creating a video campaign, we aimed at a diverse and varied audience. We wanted to bring together multiple ideas and concepts into a single story. Thus, by developing the tagline: “Murray Bridge – Make it Yours”, the campaign appeals to individuals, investors and government alike, allowing us to add a human element to a commercial undertaking.


Filming with local businesses and residents opened our eyes to the thriving and welcoming community existing just an hour from Adelaide — the Murray Bridge region is on the rise, ripe with a range of opportunities, from small business start-ups to land development to housing, employment, and more.


The finished video campaign features hyper-realistic 3D animation, sweeping aerials, time-lapses, lifestyle shots and beautiful portraits of local residents to showcase the community and the town’s future developments. This video kicked off the “Make It Yours” campaign, launched to the public alongside the council’s prospectus.


Our objective was to showcase Murray Bridge to generate major economic activity — in the 12 months since the #MakeItYours campaign launched, and there was over $1 Billion of investment in the region.


The Final Product