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South Australian advertising and digital agency Bigwig approached Adelaide Film Works with the idea to film an eyeball up close for a Diabetes SA commercial. Highlighting the correlation between the disease and its damaging impact on vision.


In theory, the concept seemed simple enough. But the filming process was in fact incredibly complex and technical and required a high-level of expertise and patience to perfect.

Beginning with an extreme close up of the pupil, the camera tracked back over 20 seconds to end with the reveal of a man’s face.

Adelaide Film Works sourced a specialised macro lens for one of our 4k cameras. The mounted lens was on a dolly with a wireless follow-focus. It was the only way we could achieve the required shots in both the closeup and wide aspects, maintaining focus.

Filming took half a day to nail just one perfect shot, but we’re incredibly proud of the end result, which you can check out here.